Consistent Communication

Communication is a key component to any good relationship.  It is through communication that collaboration and cooperation occur. At Sullivan and Schlieman, we place great value on consistent communication with our client base. We do this through several mediums. First, regularly scheduled  client meetings are essential to strengthening the relationship. Not only is it a time to review accounts, it is a perfect opportunity to get to know one another better, to know what is going on in the client’s life and to deepen the trust in the relationship.

We also strive to keep the client informed of happenings in the markets.  Weekly, we send out our email, Sullivan and Schlieman’s Economic and Market Commentary, which previews the week’s economic calendar and provides clients with pertinent financial information. In addition, we send out a quarterly newsletter with a more in-depth look at market conditions.

Client events are another important piece of our relationship-building and communication process. Covering a wide array of themes, these events can be in the format of educational seminars, workshops, or simply fun outings.  It is of utmost importance to us that we communicate to clients how valuable they are to our success in the industry. These events give us the opportunity to thank our loyal clients personally for their business.

Through these various means of communication we keep the doors open between us and our clients. It is our experience that this process creates shared understanding and leads to stronger relationships.

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