SSWM Thanks our Delighted Advocates

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank those clients who have referred their family and friends to us. You are our Delighted Advocates! Because of your commitment and trust in us, SSWM is able to help more individuals and their families pursue their financial goals.

Delighted Advocates for the month of February 2021:

Jane & Ed Erkes

Sheryl Kirby

Kathy Helton

Jill Jenkins

Brock Anderson

Billy Minish

Delighted Advocates for the month of January 2021:

Julie Barron

Bina Chokshi

Kati Tabert

Sue Polk

Cyndi Flanagan

Lalla McGee

Kim Joyner

Carey Dagenhart

Andy Childers

Chad Black

Jesse Stout

Dani Burns

Thank you!